Annual Well Care Visit Attestation Form for 2018-2019

Please find above the Annual Well Care Attestation form for the 2018-2019 school year.  This year you and your covered spouse will present this form to your physician to confirm that you each have received an annual well care exam.  Dependent children are not required to participate for you to receive the insurance incentive.

To receive or continue receiving the incentive rate for health insurance you must complete the visit by and submit your completed form by to:  Dickenson County School Board, Attn:  Reba McCowan, FAX:  (276) 926-4643 or email

If you did not participate in the wellness program last year, you have the opportunity this year to begin receiving the incentive rates effective for the February 2019 payroll.  The rates are as follows:

Incentive Rates                         Effective 3/1/2019 3/1/2019
Employee Only - $50                 Employee Only - $100
Employee/one Child - $60          Employee/one Child - $120
Employee/family - $100                          Family - $200

FY18 Teacher Salary Scales (2017-2018)

(Approved:  June 28, 2017)

Personnel Entry and Exit Form
This form is used to determine the entry or exit status of employees.